A prayer for humanity

For those who are crying, may God give them smiles! For those who feel lost, may God give them the right shepherd! For those who are hungry, may God give them the right food for their souls! For those who feel powerless, may God help them remember who they really are! For those who feel broken, may God make them whole again! For those who are grieving, may God give them comfort! For those who feel powerless, may God give them power! For those who feel weak, may God give them strength! To those who lost confidence in themselves, may God help them to rediscover their true value!

For those who hate, may God teach them forgiveness! For those who forgot how to love, may God give them love! For those who lost their faith in life, may God restore their faith! For those who feel lonely, may God give them the right person beside them! For those who are far away from their loved ones, may God bring them together! To those who are waiting for a miracle, may God teach how to be patient!  For those who are dying for peace and justice, may God receive them in Heaven and may their journey be filled with light!

For those who feel fearful, may God give them courage to face their fears and to overcome them! For those who feel they are walking in darkness, may God show them the light and the right path! For those who gave up their dreams, may God give them the motivation to start dreaming again! For those who still feel the wounds of the past, may God heal them! For those who are worry for their future, may God give them peace in their hearts and in their minds!

To all of us, may God give us the strength to accept what we cannot change, the courage to change what we can change, and the wisdom to make the difference between things!

To all of you, may Christ’s resurrection brings light, joy, happiness, love, comfort, hope, and great memories! May your heart and soul be alive, now and for always!  Christ is risen!


Alexandra Mihai,

Montreal, April 17th, 2017



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  1. Ivanna says:

    Amen also praying for humanity along with you. We need it in these last days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. alexandramihai says:

      Ivanna, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and thank you for joining me in this prayer! Have an amazing week, full of joy, love, happiness, and blessings!


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