Just believe!

   We live in a society where too often we hear things like we cannot do that, we cannot make a living by doing that, we will never be able to pay your rent by doing what we love, we should be realistic, find a real job, have a normal program and a normal paycheck. We live in a society where, most of the people, instead of encouraging us, they choose to discourage us. From the perspective of their truth, they know exactly what job is good for us, how we should live and manage our lives.

   The truth is that each of us is unique and each of us possesses a unique set of gifts and talents. Each of us has her/his own dreams and expectations and, too often, we tend to forget who we really are, we forget about our passions and we get lost in routine, regrets and failure. We lost ourselves in other people’s lives, stories and dreams. We live our lives full of frustrations and every time we go far away from our natural and divine gifts, we commit a soul suicide and we become fake human beings. Instead of living our lives from the perspective of most authentic self, we become robots, or, worse, we become zombies in world of unlimited possibilities.

   For so many years, I, personally, have struggled with these kinds of stories. So many people told me, “Alex, you cannot make a good living by writing articles! You have to face reality, you have to come down on Earth and think in a pragmatic way. You have to find a job, to work hard and, most important, you have to stop dreaming about green horses on the walls, meaning, you have to be mature enough to do something valid with your life!” Every time I used to hear these stories, I looked at them and I told them “this is your truth, not mine! I will continue to write, I will continue to empower people, I will continue to follow my heart, no matter how many challenges I will face. I will believe in my natural gifts and I will believe in my dreams. Writing is my passion, writing gives meaning to my life and, if through my articles, someone out there will be happy for 5 minutes, then, my mission is accomplished”.

    Beautiful soul, please have the courage to believe in yourself, believe in your divine gifts and talents, believe that the Universe is always supporting and guiding you to fulfill your dreams. Live your live from your truth and NOT from others truth. Listen to your heart, listen to your inner voice who is always guiding you in order to become the best of yourself. I know that, sometimes, it might be challenging and I know that you might feel tired and you might want to give up on you, on your dreams, on everything. I have been there, I know exactly how you feel. I had my moments when I just wanted to throw all my life on the walls and give up on everything. I had my nights when I was tired of everything, I had my days when I was just sitting and asking myself, what should I do with my life, which path should I take? I had my moments when I was just asking myself why, why nothing is working for me, what is my purpose in this life? I had my ups and downs, I had it all, but somewhere, deep down inside my heart, it was a small voice that was telling me “my precious one, I know you feel tired, but please, don’t give up. You can try again, you can do it. You have everything you need in order to succeed. You are not a failure, beautiful soul, you are such a wonderful being, you can help so many people, you can give them hope, strength, and motivation! Listen, just listen to me, please don’t give up on your passion, don’t let your divine gifts fail away, listen to your truth, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and you will see, precious one, that soon, everything will work out for you! “

     I pray that life will give to each and every one the courage to listen to your hearts! May life gives you the wisdom to believe in yourself, in your passions, in your talents, in your gifts! May you have the strength to listen to your truth and to your inner voice, now and for always!

     With love, compassion and understanding,


Alexandra Mihai,

Montreal, January 27th, 2017


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