Give something to the world!

“When you give something to another with purity of heart – because you see that they want it, need it, and should have it – then you will discover that you have it to give. And that is a grand discovery”. Neale Donald Walsch

    One of the most important lessons that I have learned in my life was the importance of giving, not from my hands, but this special giving from the bottom of my heart! I love to give whatever I can, whenever I can and I always give with joy, I always give fully, and by giving, I give a part of me, a part of my soul! I am giving to you, now, these words, these thoughts, I give to you a part of me, a part of who I am, a part of my soul! We all want to live in a better world, we all desire to have around us nice people, but the thing is, the change always starts with us, it starts with each one of us, so, like Mahatma Gandhi used to say: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world!”

   So, if you really want to wake up tomorrow in a different world, start today and give a compliment, a good word to all those who have been mistreated, give an empowering advice to all those who lost their light! Give help to all those who need it! Give smiles to all those who are suffering! Give the best part of you! Give wonderful stories to all those who have no stories to tell, no stories to live! Give great ideas to all those don’t know from where to start! Give others permission to be vulnerable in front of you, give yourself permission to be vulnerable in front of others! Give your knowledge and give your wisdom to those who are open to learn more! Give your skills! Give your good thoughts! Give your nice words! Give your best feelings and emotions! Give your gifts away! Give guidance to those who feel lost! Give courage to those who feel afraid! Give power to those who feel powerless! Give strength to those who feel weak!

   Give a voice to those who feel speechless! Give a solution to those who see only the problem! Give hope to those who are hopeless! Give smiles to those who are crying! Give your sincere friendship to those who feel lonely! Give your time to those who need someone to listen to their stories, to their failures or successes, their joy or their sadness, their fears or their grief! Give a comforting hug to those who miss the human connection! Give your understanding to those who do not feel understood! Give a warm touch to those whose heart is frozen! Give your prayers to those who lost their faith!

   Give your heart and give your love! Give your passion to your dreams and to those you love! Give peace of mind to those who live in a permanent storm! Give peace on the minds of those who feel out of their minds! Give your clarity to those who feel confused! Give your enthusiasm to those who feel dead inside! Give your uniqueness to those who are able to receive it with joy! Give magic moments to those who don’t believe in magic anymore! Give wonderful memories to all of those who had the chance to meet you on their journey!

   Give food to those whose bodies are hungry! Give a bottle of water to those who feel thirsty! Give a warm blanket to those whose souls are freezing! Give a shelter to those who lost their way to home! Give, give with joy, with peace, give and be grateful because you are able to give, be grateful knowing that thanks to your giving someone in this world not only will receive a material thing, but, much more than this, will learn how to receive and how to give back to others around her/him.

    Give with no expectation, give because it feels good to give! You might receive, in return a big and warm thank you, you might receive a big smile, you might receive tears and laughter, you might receive in return prayers and blessings but you might receive something more important such as the understanding of the fact that we are all one, and what you gave to someone else, you gave it to yourself, the understanding of what really means to care, to be part of something bigger than yourself!

     What can I give you today?


Alexandra Mihai,
January 13th,2016


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